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Your Volunteering Does Make a Difference

You helped canvass by phone or on foot in swing states for President Obama's reelection. You worked phone banks for all of our local candidates, rang doorbells, did data entry, delivered yard signs. You helped spread the word for Brad Schneider, Jan Schakowsky, Daniel Biss, Robyn Gabel, Laura Fine, Julie Morrison, Scott Drury and helped get out the vote on Election Day. -- And every one of your candidates WON!

Nice work, everybody.



Grassroots politics is all about connecting our neighborhoods with our elected officials and keeping that connection alive. We invite you to be a part of this process with the New Trier Dems in 2013,  a new year that, along with many challenges, holds a great deal of promise.

Over the next two years, you'll be hearing a lot from the exceptional public servants who will be representing New Trier. -- And they should be hearing a lot from you. In fact, they need to hear from you and want to hear from you in order to represent you most effectively. 
Jan Schakowsky, 9th U.S. Congressional District Representative and Chief Deputy House Democratic Whip, was resoundingly reelected to retain her Congressional seat. The new Ninth District boundaries include all of New Trier except for Glencoe.
Brad Schneider, was elected in 2012 as Congressman for the 10th U.S. Congressional District. The Tenth District includes the Village of Glencoe.
Daniel Biss, was elected in 2012 as State Senator for Illinois' 9th State Senate District. His district includes most of New Trier.
Julie Morrison, a West Deerfield Township Supervisor was elected in 2012 as State Senator of the Illinois' 29th State Senate District. Her district includes New Trier's northernmost precincts. 
Laura Fine, Northfield Township Clerk was elected in 2012 to serve as IL 17th District State Representative. The 17th District's new boundaries include the East Glenview and West Wilmette areas of New Trier Township.
Robyn Gabel, retained her seat as IL 18th District State Representative and will be representing much of New Trier up to Hazel Avenue and Dundee Road.

Scott Drury, a former Assistant U.S. Attorney was elected in 2012 to serve as our IL 58th District State Representative. Scott's district includes the northernmost precincts in Glencoe.
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New Trier Democratic Organization
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800 Oak St, Winnetka, IL 60093
phone: 847.446.8030
fax: 847.446.8044

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