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  NTD News 9/17/14:
When I was growing up a very long time ago in Evanston, that township was solidly Republican. But beginning in 1964 with the Goldwater debacle, the tide began to turn…. (to read more click here.)



We are who we’ve been waiting for.
- Barack Obama

We are an organization of neighbors, Democrats and Independents, who believe a healthy democracy needs constructive participation. 

Your Volunteering Does Make a Difference:

You’ve helped canvass by phone or on foot in swing states for President Obama in two elections. You’ve worked phone banks for all of our local candidates, rung doorbells, done data entry, delivered yard signs. You supported Dick Durbin, Jan Schakowsky, Larry Suffredin, helped spread the word for Daniel Biss, Robyn Gabel, Laura Fine, Julie Morrison, Scott Drury and helped get out the vote on each Election Day. — And now every one of those candidates is in office. Nice Work!

imagesGrassroots politics is all about connecting our neighborhoods with our elected officials and keeping that connection alive. We invite you to be a part of this process.
Throughout the year, the New Trier Dems will be publicizing community forumsNTD Forum wide sht taking stands on important issues, strengthening New Trier’s neighborhood volunteer base and coordinating volunteer campaign activities with our county, state and national Democratic office-holders and candidates. Your participation in any, or all, of these activities is needed and welcomed.

New Trier has the very good fortune to have exceptional public servants representing us in Cook County, Springfield and Washington D.C. They are Democrats dedicated to a vision of government that is fair and just for every American. Your legislators want and need to hear from you in order to represent you most effectively. For information on contacting them click here: WHO REPRESENTS YOU.

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