Once Upon a Time, Being a Democrat in New Trier Felt……Lonely.  Not any more!

Today, Democrats consistently out-poll Republicans among New Trier voters in almost every race, including each of the last five presidential elections. We’re proud that the New Trier Democrats have contributed to this progressive shift.


Who are we?

The New Trier Democrats is made up purely of grassroots volunteers. We are an organization of Democrats, neighbors and friends who believe a healthy democracy needs constructive participation. We live in Wilmette, Kenilworth, Winnetka, Glencoe, and a small part of Northfield and Glenview. We are men and women, commuters and local business people, from every socio-economic level and of every age and race and many religions. Our personal diversity makes the New Trier Democrats a truly democratic as well as Democratic group.

In election years, we field hundreds of volunteers to ring doorbells, make phone calls, and send messages to bring our candidates’ supporters to the polls on Election Day.

Through every year, our members stay involved, holding speaker forums, taking stands on important issues, strengthening our neighborhood volunteer base, registering new voters, and enjoying both serious and social activities among friends who share progressive political goals.


What we believe

Grassroots politics is all about connecting our neighborhoods with our elected officials and keeping that connection alive. We invite you to be a part of this process. We believe that participation in the political process is necessary to ensure good government: a government that is fair, honest, responsive, effective, and compassionate. That’s why we stay involved year-round to further those ideals.


You’re invited!

If you share our political values, we invite you to get involved too — in whatever way works for you. Your participation in any, or all, of our activities is needed and welcomed. We especially encourage you to join us and become a member. Your membership and financial support is critical to helping us promote candidates who share our values, as well as making sure our voices are heard on important issues of the day.