In Memoriam: Nan Healy

I regret to inform you of the passing of one of our members and volunteers, Nan Healy of Glenview. She was a personal friend of mine and we were introduced to each other by our exercise instructor at EAC. He felt that both of us staunch Democrats in the same age bracket needed to meet.

Nan, in addition to being a good and generous friend, gave generously of her time to our organization. She always worked the greeting tables at our meetings and Annual Dinner and she tirelessly canvassed her precincts on behalf of our candidates.

She will be dearly missed by me as a friend, and greatly missed by our organization as a fervent supporter of Democratic candidates and our mission.

We pass on our deepest condolences to her children and grandchildren on their loss.

Judy Mandel, President of New Trier Democrats

I Can’t Breathe

First of all, I want to congratulate all the participants in Saturday’s March to protest the murder of George Floyd and all the African American men and women who have been executed unjustly by police departments all over this country. I am especially proud of our brave NTD members and board members who participated.

Now comes the real challenge. When the marches end and we go back to our pandemic existence for at least the next year, what are WE going to do to break this cycle of poverty, disinvestment and police brutality that is inflicted on people of color? It is fine to march and protest, but what will make change in these practices is to change those in charge of policies and our government.

We all have that opportunity in November 2020. It is not enough to wring our hands or raise our fists and then sit back and hope that change comes.
We have a dangerous President and he is aided by members of his party. Our liberties and freedoms are at stake and the plight of our disadvantaged citizens gets worse every day.

So I charge each and every one of you, whether you marched or not, to become totally involved – and by that I mean influencing the vote to elect Joe Biden President and to do that we need to help turn some of our neighbor states Blue. There are many opportunities to do this while in the safety and comfort of your own home. Our newsletter has many opportunities to post card or phone bank. For those who can afford it, donations to the candidates are also welcome.

DO NOT LET THIS MOMENTUM LAPSE. Let’s win in November and make the REAL CHANGE that this country is crying out for and needs desperately to save our nation and our soul.

Thank you again for caring and doing.

Judy Mandel, President of New Trier Democrats

Elections Have Consequences

I first want to tell the readers of this Newsletter that I hope they are well and safe during these trying times. Please heed the instructions given from Governor Pritzker and Mayor Lightfoot.

Secondly, I want to thank all of you who voted and I hope you were able to do it early or by mail. Please consider doing this in November so your vote counts.

In 2016, because of many reasons and none of them good, the country elected Donald Trump as President. Many of our voters stayed away or didn’t vote for various reasons. I am not going to rehash that election but I want everyone to think about what should be your criteria when voting for a candidate. If our candidate doesn’t live up to all your expectations of Progressive politics or Moderate politics, you need to think of the consequences of the candidate from the other side winning.

This is so evident as we face COVID-19 and our country is led by a narcissistic and ill-prepared liar. We have an opportunity in November to send him packing to Mar-a-Lago permanently. It depends on each of you!
When we finally decide on who will head our ticket – no matter what you think of that person and their particular politics or the Democratic Party’s influence in any of it – It is important you volunteer, donate and of course vote for our candidate. Also, pay attention to the down ticket races as we have some important ones in other Congressional districts, such as Lauren Underwood in the 14th and Sean Casten in the 6th.

Please try to vote early for the November election or vote by mail. You can see that anything can happen to keep you from the polls. I can’t stress this enough.If we all stick together and message really well, we can celebrate with a big party in November with our neighboring Democratic Organizations.

Stay safe and well.

Judy Mandel

President, New Trier Democrats

A New Year’s Message From Our President

I want to wish all our readers a very Happy New Year. I hope that together in 2020, we New Trier Democrats can make a difference in the important national, state and local elections. Now more than ever we must stand together for decency, honesty and compassion.

There will be many opportunities for you to participate and you will find that when you put skin in the game, the feeling when you win is overpowering and so rewarding. I will give you an example: this summer I worked with Sister District to send post cards to help turn the Virginia House of Delegates Blue…We did it…Such fun meeting new people, so easy just writing postcards, and the results were so important. Now Virginia could finally get the ERA amendment passed.

Our newsletter, website and facebook page will keep you informed of many chances to participate in voter registration. Fighting voter suppression by identifying our voters and turning out the vote both in Illinois and across the border in Wisconsin will be crucial. Wisconsin is being identified as winnable and we can use those electoral votes. In our events listing page, there are opportunities to become a deputy voter registrar in Illinois or help get out the vote in Wisconsin by phone banking, writing postcards, or canvassing to make sure voters get their proper Wisconsin voter identification.

Our first event in 2020 is our Endorsement Meeting on Sunday, January 26th at Winnetka Community House – see our events page for further details. I urge all of you to join us to help support our candidates in 2020. Also, if you live in New Trier Township and are a NTD member, you are entitled to vote at the meeting and to speak for a particular candidate.

We have many events planned and we will be handing out palm cards listing our 2020 events.

I look forward to this year and its challenges. Hopefully, if we all work together and join hands and hearts for a better country for ourselves and our children we will attain this goal.

Judy Mandel, NTD President

A Special Message From Our President

I want to first of all wish all our members a happy holiday season. As we end this year and enter 2020, we will be embarking upon a very critical period for our country. We will be looking as Democrats for candidates in the Primary to fill State, County, Congressional and Senatorial seats as well as Judgeships.

But most critically we will be looking to nominate a candidate for President who can defeat Donald Trump. That will not be decided for sometime and many of us are supporting different candidates at this time.

There are buttons being circulated by the Tenth Dems which say “Democrat for President 2020.” I am hoping that when we head to the ballot box in November 2020, we remember that we vote for whichever Democratic candidate wins our party’s nomination.

As members of the New Trier Democrats who live in New Trier Township, you will be able to cast your ballot for the candidate you want our organization to endorse in the March 17, 2020 Democratic Primary. Our endorsement gives candidates support for their campaigns, use of our office and the use of our name in their literature.

We hope that you will attend our Endorsement Meeting on Sunday, January 26th. The information for this event is listed below, as well as on our website and Facebook. I hope that you will consider renewing your membership or becoming a member and attending this important event. I look forward to seeing you there.

Judy Mandel

President, New Trier Democrats


In Memoriam, Dr. Jack Melamed

Dr. Jack and Marcia Melamed (far left) at Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s Ultimate Women’s Power Lunch in May, 2019.

It is with great sorrow that I have learned of the passing of New Trier Democrats’ long-time member and political activist, Dr. Jack Melamed. When I first became involved with New Trier Democrats in 2005-06 through the Dan Seals campaign, I met Jack and his lovely wife, Marcia. They were great supporters of not only our organization but of Dan Seals and, later on, one of the first supporters of Barack Obama. Jack and Marcia were great about volunteering their time in our organization and were generous in their financial support. In recent years they moved to The Mather in Evanston. I was fortunate to spend some time talking with both Jack and Marcia at Jan Schakowsky’s BBQ this past summer.

Jack will be greatly missed and I ask that you please join me in sending our thoughts and prayers to Marcia Melamed and her family. 

Judy Mandel – President, New Trier Democrats