• Precinct captains – We are recruiting leaders! Will you step up and lead as a Precinct Captain? Precinct Captains help organize their precincts by maintaining a list of neighborhood volunteers and serving as the neighborhood go-to for the New Trier Democrats.
  • GOTV (Get Out The Vote) – The most important role in any election is volunteering. How will you join Democrats nationwide to defeat Trump?
  • Voter protection – Now more than ever, we need to organize to protect our vote. We are organizing a Voter Protection Team of interested citizens to serve as Election Judges, poll watchers, and other responsibilities in protecting our democracy. Please also indicate whether you have legal experience and would be interested in supporting Protect the Vote efforts in neighboring states.

No New Trier Democrat GOTV Events at this time.

Photo Above By Oleg Troino/Shutterstock.com