In Memory of Nancie Blatt, a Tenth Dems Founder

On February 23, Nancie Blatt passed away. Here is an excerpt from a tribute to Nancie from fellow Tenth Dems founder and leader Lauren Beth Gash:

” I first met Nancie when I was walking door-to-door in one of my early campaigns. The next day, she started to work with us, and quickly became one of our best volunteers. She later worked in my State Rep office and was a very valued member of my staff, as well as a very cherished friend. A few of us talked about starting a group like Tenth Dems, and we consider our “formal” beginning to be on October 14, 2003, when ten of us met in a living room in Highland Park. That living room was Nancie Blatt’s. We sure have grown from that time — into a “real group,” as some of us have said — and Nancie was a critical part of that growth. Because Tenth Dems was such an important part of Nancie’s life, her daughters have asked that contributions in her memory be made to the Tenth Dems Nancie Blatt Memorial Fund.” Nancie and I were were very close, and I loved and will miss her very much.