You can make a difference. Become a New Trier Democrats Contributing Member.

Your financial support keeps the New Trier Democrats going. When you contribute at a membership level or higher, you automatically become a member of the New Trier Democrats with candidate endorsement voting privileges (provided you live in New Trier Township and are at least 18 years old) and free access to a number of sponsored events such as New Trier Democrats’ Forums. We hope that, as a member, you will also find ways to actively participate in our ongoing grassroots work.

Below are the membership levels.

  • Senior Member (fixed income): $25/year
  • Senior Couple (fixed income): $40/year
  • Next Generation Member (under 35 years old): $35/year
  • Next Generation Couple (under 35 years old): $50/year
  • Regular Member: $50/year
  • Regular Member Couple: $75/year
  • Friend: $150-$299/year
  • Sustaining Member: $300-$499/year
  • Benefactor: $500 and above/year

Click here to become a member and contribute your dues.


Drop off or send a check to the New Trier Democrats by mail at the following address :

New Trier Democratic Organization
Attn: Membership
800 Oak Street, Suite 112
Winnetka, IL 60093

(please make your check payable to the “New Trier Democratic Organization”)

Thank You!

Contributions to the New Trier Democratic Organization are subject to the limits and prohibitions of the Federal Election Campaign Act. Contributions to the New Trier Democratic Organization are not tax deductible.

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