Our organization is headed by the New Trier Township Democratic Committeeman and the New Trier Democrats’ President. The New Trier Democrats’ President is elected biannually by the general membership. The New Trier Democrats’ activities are overseen by an Executive Committee made up of our most active volunteers.

New Trier Township Democratic Committeeman

Dean Maragos


Judy Mandel

Executive Committee

Ed Bancroft
Joan Berman
Jeanne Bishop
Joe Bridge
Rich Brill
Mark Caras
Phil Corboy, Jr.
Bill Crowley
Arnee Eisenberg
Marcia Blumenthal Fields
Jim Griffith
Nels Howard
Dan O’Brien
Les Ordman
John Plante
Kostas Poulakidas
Dan Seals
Sanford Stein
John Ungashick

Photo Above By 7th Sun Studio/Shutterstock.com