Let the Illinois General Assembly Know Your Opinion on Upcoming Bills

Here’s a great resource created by some people in our community – a Facebook page detailing upcoming bills in the Illinois General Assembly with links to fill out witness slips.   What’s a witness slip you ask? It’s a way for you to let the General Assembly know if you support or oppose a bill.  If you click on the witness slip link, you will be directed to a website page where you can fill out a witness slip for a particular bill.  On the witness slip you will need to provide: (1) your contact information; (2) representation – you can just say you are submitting the witness slip on behalf of yourself; (3) position – simply check whether you are an opponent or proponent of the bill; and (4) testimony – simply check “record of appearance” if you only want to state your opposition or support and nothing more. Filling out witness slips is another great way to have your voice heard!

Contact Your Illinois Representatives

To find our who represents you in the Illinois General Assembly – both Representative and Senator – as well as their contact information, please visit the “Our Representatives” page.

  • House Bill 40 – strikes a dangerous “trigger” provision in the Illinois abortion law and affirms that Illinois will not go back to the pre-Roe days of illegal abortion. By removing the anti-choice “trigger” language from the 1975 Act, HB 40 ensures that women’s health care will be protected in Illinois, regardless of what happens to the Supreme Court in a Trump administration.
  • Senate Bill 982 – to require that a presidential candidate in Illinois must release five years of tax returns.

Photo Above By BrianS/Shutterstock.com