We are fired up and ready to go until the election!

  • Volunteering Opportunities
  • Vote by Mail & FAQs about Mail Ballots
  • Voter Assistance Hotline
  • Election Day Judges Needed
  • Legal Election Protection Attorneys and Poll Watchers Needed
Volunteer Opportunities
Get involved! We are looking for volunteers to serve as precinct captains, for election GOTV (phone banks, post cards, texting, etc.), and voter protection during the election. Register online to to get started!
  • Precinct captains – We are recruiting leaders! Precinct Captains help organize their precincts by maintaining a list of neighborhood volunteers and serving as the neighborhood go-to for the New Trier Democrats.
  • GOTV (Get Out The Vote) – The most important role in any election is volunteering. How will you join Democrats nationwide to defeat Trump?
  • Voter protection – Now more than ever, we need to organize to protect our vote. We are organizing a Voter Protection Team of interested citizens to serve as Election Judges, poll watchers, and other responsibilities in protecting our democracy. Please also indicate whether you have legal experience and would be interested in supporting Protect the Vote efforts in neighboring states.

Vote by Mail & FAQs about Vote By Mail

Apply Online Now to Vote by Mail in the November 3, 2020 Presidential Election.  Click here to apply online now to Vote By Mail for the Nov. 3, 2020 Presidential Election. This application is for Suburban Cook County Voters. It’s EASY – takes 2 minutes. You need:
  • Driver’s License or State ID #
  • Last 4 digits of your social security number
  • Address where you want ballot mailed
  • Email address
When you apply online to Vote By Mail, the Cook County Clerk’s office will send you emails:
  • When your ballot is mailed to you,
  • When the Clerk’s office receives your Ballot Return Envelope, and
  • When your ballot has been processed and counted.
Mail ballots to be sent beginning September 24, 2020 
All Vote By Mail ballots come with postage-paid Ballot Return Envelopes. Voters are urged to complete and mail their ballot back as early as possible once they receive it. Be sure to read the ballot directions and SIGN your ballot. You must get a postmark before or on Election Day, Nov. 3rd.
Frequently Asked Questions About Mail Ballots HERE
Voter Assistance Hotline
(847) 432-VOTE (8683) Staffed by Election Protection Team Attorneys
Election Judges Needed
DEMOCRATIC ELECTION JUDGES NEEDED to help ensure that everyone entitled to vote is actually allowed to vote!
  • Inside of Polling Places
  • Curbside of Polling Places
  • Validating Mail-In Ballots

Legal Protection Attorneys & Poll Watchers

The Right to Vote is precious and an integral part of our Democracy. We need poll watchers and attorney’s Please contact the New Trier Democrats to volunteer and be a poll watcher.