If you know of a website or activism tool that would be of interest to fellow Democrats, Progressives and Independents, please submit your suggestion via our Contact Form. Inclusion in the New Trier Democrats’ “Take Action From Home” List does not necessarily imply endorsement by the New Trier Democrats.  Thanks!

Write Postcards To Voters

From the Postcards to Voters website:

Postcards to Voters are friendly, handwritten reminders from volunteers to targeted voters giving Democrats a winning edge in close, key races coast to coast.

What started on March 11, 2017 with sharing 5 addresses apiece to 5 volunteers on Facebook so that they could mail postcards to voters in Jon Ossoff’s race grew in one month to 1,200+ volunteers nationwide and over 51,000 postcards mailed.

Now, we consist of over 10,000 volunteers in every state (including Alaska and Hawaii) who have written over 500,000 postcards to voters in dozens of key, close elections.

We use an interactive texting service to assign addresses to our trusted, returning volunteers. For new volunteers and those organizing postcard parties around the country, we use a commercial Help Desk system to streamline and automate email requests.

Another commercial business intelligence package crunches the numbers so we always know who our top volunteers are by campaign, a heatmap showing where the postcards are being written by zip code around the country, and other essential dashboards to manage an operation that now averages 1,700 voter addresses assigned daily.

Spend 5 Minutes, Make 5 Calls

Even though our local Democratic Members of Congress most likely agree with us on most issues, they need strong constituent call numbers to underscore their positions in Congress.

Jan Schakowsky’s Action Steps

For more valuable activities that you can do right now, visit U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s “Actions Steps” website page.

Let Resistbot Help You Contact Your Representatives

From the Resistbot website:

How does it work?
Resistbot turns your text messages into daily letters to Congress— in the simplest and easiest way possible. We are working hard behind the scenes to make sure they are delivered and that your representatives take them seriously.

Will my message really count?
Yes! There’s a lot of information floating around saying that only certain ways of speaking up really count. We’ve confirmed that Resistbot messages are received and read by actual Congressional staffers.

What does this cost? How do you make money?
We’re a team of volunteers working around the clock to make this free for you, we’re supported by user donations.

Why don’t you tell me what to say?
Unlike a lot of other tools, Resistbot doesn’t tell you what to say. Our research shows that form letters are totally ignored by Congress. Only original, unique messages count. But they don’t have to be complicated or fancy. Just a few sentences from a real-life voter gets their attention. Don’t worry about typos or mistakes, that just further shows you’re a real person.

Sign Up With Dailyaction.org To Receive Action Item Texts

Dailyaction.org makes civic engagement easy and painless, with a single action every day—connecting citizens to their legislators with a quick swipe of their phones. Every morning, you’ll receive a text that links you to your Senator, member of Congress, or other appropriate official. You can call when you’re walking to the bus stop or brewing your coffee. With a tap of your finger, you can do your part to resist extremism in America.

Let the Illinois General Assembly Know Your Opinion on Upcoming Bills

Here’s a great resource created by some people in our community – a Facebook page detailing upcoming bills in the Illinois General Assembly with links to fill out witness slips.  What’s a witness slip you ask? It’s a way for you to let the General Assembly know if you support or oppose a bill.  If you click on the witness slip link, you will be directed to a website page where you can fill out a witness slip for a particular bill.  On the witness slip you will need to provide: (1) your contact information; (2) representation – you can just say you are submitting the witness slip on behalf of yourself; (3) position – simply check whether you are an opponent or proponent of the bill; and (4) testimony – simply check “record of appearance” if you only want to state your opposition or support and nothing more. Filling out witness slips is another great way to have your voice heard!

Attend Resistance School

Resistance School is a free, four session practical training program to sharpen the tools we need to fight for our values at the federal, state, and local levels. Their goal is to keep the embers of resistance alive through concrete learning, community engagement, and forward-looking action. Resistance School’s sessions are available on the main page of their website (www.resistanceschool.com) and via Facebook Live (https://www.facebook.com/ResistSchool/).  The Facebook Live version will remain available on their Facebook page permanently.  The sessions are available for unlimited playback.

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