There Are No “Small” Elections

Today I’ve decided to take a “spring break” from my usual over-lengthy commentary. Instead, I’m just going to pass along some follow-up information inspired by last week’s comments.

Last Wednesday’s subject spoke to the unfortunate reality that too many voters pay little or no attention to local elections. But the fact is, choosing our local decision-makers is not a trivial activity.

So, this week for those of you who might be interested in taking a closer look at the upcoming April 2 local “consolidated” elections, here are a few web links that you should find informative. For some links, particularly the “view your sample ballot link,” the names of candidates are mentioned. And in some cases, “Googling” a candidate’s name may lead you to more specific information on his/her views and goals.

Information on voter registration and ways to vote
Check your voter registration status
View your sample ballot to find out who’s running for local office where you live
League of Women Voters of Wilmette’s Election Guide with links to information on candidates and candidates’ answers to questionnaires
Chicago Tribune article on Winnetka D36 school building improvement referendum
Chicago Tribune article on Glenview Village Trustee candidates

And if you’re a Wilmette voter (or just interested in local Wilmette issues) take note of the League of Women Voters of Wilmette’s Municipal Elections Candidate Forum coming up this Saturday, March 16.

Local elections are an important element of American democracy. We should never take these “small elections” for granted.

Nels Howard, NTD Member since 1973