This One Isn’t Hyperbole

It seems that almost every election in my adult life has been labeled “the most important election ever.” And usually that claim hasn’t just been hyperbole.

Ever since the American populace began accepting progressive values and policies as our nation’s norm, conservative forces have been pushing back hard to reverse such progress. In every election we Democrats have had to defend every step that has been taken to ensure healthier, more secure, more hopeful lives for every American — from infants to our oldest seniors.

Depending on the election year, specific issues such as a foolhardy military adventure or the erosion of the middle class have given the election an added urgency. But — and you know what I’m going to say next — this election on November 6, truly will be the most important election in our lifetime.

The looming crisis of climate change, with all of its ramifications, is reason enough to care about this election’s outcome. The past few years were just a taste of things to come, and our warming oceans aren’t going to miraculously start cooling down. Monster hurricanes and storm surges will be smashing our coastal states with increasing regularity. Melting ice caps and shifting climate zones, extended droughts and fire storms, could potentially become part of the new normal. – Our civilization cannot afford to have any climate-change-denying Republicans directing government policy.

But even those hard facts are not the most compelling reason to consider the November 6 election as the most important in our lives.

The shocking success of President Donald Trump’s demagoguery over a segment of our population has brought out a poisonous division among Americans not seen since our Civil War. It is taking our nation on a dangerous, self-destructive path that could alter the trajectory of the United States for years to come.

Donald Trump must not come out of November still holding a majority of Republicans seats in both houses of Congress. He must not see more Republicans elected into state legislatures and governorships. Democratic victories across our country will dilute Trump’s power to intimidate Republican legislators and administrators, at every government level.

We must make that happen.

So….since you’re reading this newsletter, the odds are you likely agree with what we all hope to accomplish and you may already be doing something about it. But in case you haven’t yet started, or want to do more, you’ll find a huge choice of volunteer opportunities further down in this newsletter.

You can help with phone banking or doorbell ringing or writing postcards. You can choose activities on a weekday or weekend, on an afternoon or evening. And you can focus on your local favorite candidates or help great congressional candidates in neighboring districts. I promise you’ll find something that works with your schedule.

Also, you might consider inviting some of your friends to look over the volunteer choices too. Every person we can add to this effort increases the chance for victory.

November 6, 2018 can be a historic turning point in our nation’s history. — And years from now, won’t it feel good to tell your children and grandchildren how you helped at the beginning of the end of Donald Trump’s disastrous reign?

That has to be worth at least a few hours of your time over the next thirteen days.

Nels Howard
NTDO member since 1973

P.S. Early voting is from Oct. 22 – Nov. 5 – and unregistered voters with two forms of ID (including current address proof) can register to vote at their early voting site.