Tighten Trump’s Leash

I’ve pretty much run out of things to say. Election Day is less than a week away and at this point, if these weekly messages have failed to communicate the urgency of victories for Democratic candidates across the country, what more can be said?

To be honest, over these past months the strongest incentives for action haven’t been coming from me anyway, but from another source entirely – Donald Trump.

If you want to neutralize at least some of the venom Trump continues to spew, we need to have as many strong voices as possible in Washington and in state governments to repel his tactics. The results of November 6 will either tighten the leash on the President’s irrational behavior or emboldened Trump and his most fanatic followers to expand their destructive activities.

We must re-elect our local members of Congress, Jan Schakowsky and Brad Schneider, and help congressional candidates Lauren Underwood and Sean Casten to replace their Trump-puppet Republican opponents in the U.S. House. We need to have an Illinois Governor Pritzker and Attorney General Raoul who will stand up to the attacks on equality by Trump’s “Justice” Department Chief and former Alabama segregationist Jeff Sessions.

We must have smart, dedicated state legislators in office – Laura Fine, Julie Morrison, Robyn Gabel, Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz, Bob Morgan — to champion legislation that will protect Illinois residents from the machinations of Trump extremism.

We need MWRD (water reclamation) board members who, unlike Republicans, recognize the seriousness of climate change, and quality county officeholders like Larry Suffredin, Fritz Kaegi and Michael Cabonargi serving our area. — The slate of Democratic candidates on New Trier’s ballot is an exceptionally good one. They need and deserve our help.

So, if you have already voted, terrific! But please don’t stop now. Getting your local voting out of the way frees up some of your time up to help get out the vote between now and when the polls close November 6. A lot can happen in those six days. Bushels of Republican money will be spent for their candidates. We have to counter Republican aggressiveness with activity of our own.

Republicans gave us Trump. We owe them a resounding defeat.

Leading up to next Tuesday, the New Trier Democrats will be distributing voter information to neighborhoods and at New Trier’s early voting site, Centennial Ice Rinks in Wilmette. And on Election Day, there will be voter information pass-outs at selected polling places, and GOTV messaging to targeted households.

Tomorrow (Thursday) and/or on Friday, you can volunteer a few hours to assist in the office or handle a voter info assignment (it’s your choice) — we could really use your help. Contact the NTDO office at 847-446-8030 (no answer, leave a message) or send an email to newtrierdemocrats@gmail.com.

Also on Election Day, there will be driver services dispatched from the NTDO office for deliveries to polling places and for any voters needing a ride to the polls. To volunteer, follow the contact info shown above.

You want to change the way things are going under President Trump? Then take an active part in this election. – What more can I say.

Nels Howard
NTDO member since 1973

P.S. Early voting is still going on through Nov. 5 – and unregistered voters with two forms of ID (including current address proof) can register to vote at their early voting site.  And this year, new voters can also register to vote on Election Day at their polling place!

P.P.S. If you or anyone you know in New Trier Township needs help getting to a polling location on Election Day, contact the NTDO office at 847-446-8030 and we will send a driver to pick you up.