If you know of any Volunteering Opportunities events that would be of interest to fellow Democrats and Progressives, please submit your suggestion via our Contact Form. Inclusion in the New Trier Democrats’ “Volunteering Opportunities” List does not necessarily imply endorsement by the New Trier Democrats.  Thanks!

Join Virtual Phone Banks For U.S. Rep. Lauren Underwood’s Re-Election (IL-14th) With Indivisible Evanston on Thursdays or Tenth Dems on Mondays

As you know, Lauren Underwood is running for re-election to the US House in Illinois’ 14th district. And though November is some months away, there are some things we can do now to support her campaign. In a joint effort with the campaign itself to re-kindle the camaraderie of canvassing and phone bank parties in person, Indivisible Evanston and Tenth Dems are hosting weekly virtual phone bank parties.


Indivisible Evanston’s Thursday Virtual Phone Banks  

Indivisible Evanston will be hosting weekly virtual phone bank parties with members on Thursdays! Parties will last from 6:00pm to 8:00pm CDT and are hosted by the campaign. A member of the campaign will be on the call and offer training in the first 15-20 minutes and then ‘hang out’ for the duration, answering any questions—about the phone bank system and the script or if one of your call recipients has a question about Rep. Underwood that is not in the script and you’re unable to answer. 

Sign up online.  After signing up, you’ll get an invite to the actual event once it’s available. Questions on the Thursday virtual phone bank parties? Email indivisibleevanston@gmail.com.

OR Tenth Dem’s Monday Virtual Phone Banks

Every Monday from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, volunteers will be making phone calls to help reelect Congresswoman Lauren Underwood (D-IL), who is in one of the most important races in the entire country. Tenth Dems are joining together with the Underwood campaign to make calls. Click here to sign up.

Join Team Casten (IL-6th) For Virtual Phone Banking on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays

Sean Casten is running for re-election in Illinois’ 6th Congressional District to hold onto the formerly Republican seat he flipped in 2018. Help Team Casten “check in” on friendly voters AND confirm their support for Sean as part of a virtual phone bank. He has worked hard for Illinois since 2018 and he stands with us. Together–even virtually–we can stand with him as a team by making calls on his behalf. Sign up here to call Tuesdays and/or Thursdays from 6:45-8:30pm and/or Saturday’s from 9:45-11:00am. Training is available, too!

Sign Up to Write Postcards at Home to Wisconsin & Michigan With Indivisible Evanston

Join Indivisible Evanston to write postcards to likely Democratic voters in Wisconsin and Michigan, encouraging them to vote in the November Presidential Election. 

They will supply the postcards, names and addresses and script. You just supply the postage (and support the Post Office at the same time!) Until we can meet again in person, they will make cards and materials available for pick up seven days a week, at three locations. Just sign up and select how many packs of cards you want and when you want to pick them up. (Just check the blue Sign up box on the date you want. Click on the black “Submit and Sign up” box at the bottom of your screen. Then complete the registration, including selecting the quantity of packs you want.)

For more information or to sign up, visit their SignUp Genius page.

Indivisible Evanston is also hosting Monday night zoom parties to postcard – sign up here.

Sign Up for Michigan Mondays and/or Wisconsin Wednesdays Virtual Phone Banks With Indivisible Chicago

The road to the White House runs right through Michigan and Wisconsin. Indivisible is renewing the fight to turn Michigan and Wisconsin BLUE in November. They will be calling into targeted areas identified by the Democratic Party of Michigan and Wisconsin to engage voters well ahead of the election. They will be helping identify Democratic voters NOW so they can efficiently get out the vote in November.

They make phone banking easy! Their phone banks begin with a Zoom call orientation and end with the opportunity to debrief. Along the way, their phone bank leaders are available to help you with any problems. After you sign up, they’ll get back in touch with all the information you need to connect. They’re with you every step of the way!

Sign up today for their Michigan Mondays (1-3pm) and/or Wisconsin Wednesdays (6-8pm) Phone Banking. First time caller or need a refresher? Sign up for a phone bank training session 30 minutes before the phone bank. 

Sign Up for Monday and Wednesday Virtual Phone Banks With Sister District Greater Chicago

Make calls with Sister District Greater Chicago while together on Zoom. Training and coaching will be available for those new to Zoom or to phone banking. Virtual phone banking is fun – they mute everyone, but you can see your fellow callers engaged with voters, they can share experiences via chat, and help is always available via chat or a breakout room with an experienced volunteer. Virtual Phone Banks will support 2020 Sister District candidates in state legislatures. Monday phone banks from 5:30pm to 8:00pm, and Wednesday phone banks tba. Visit their website to register for phone banks online.

Sign Up For August Texting Training on Mondays and Text Banking on Tuesdays With Indivisible’s “IndivisiText Team”

Texting is a great way to connect directly with voters in addition to making phone calls and writing postcards, especially in a pandemic when we can’t canvass. But it’s not quite as simple as sending a message to your friends from your phone. Each campaign or organization has their own peer-to-peer texting platforms and procedures.

Come to one of Indivisible Chicago Alliance’s (ICA) texting classes to learn more about how to reach voters through texting. Their trainings on Monday nights in August will be for the “IndivisiText Team,” the national Indivisible texting program. They’ll be learning how to use their platforms, TextOut and Slack. It’s easy and fun once you get the hang of it!

This training will prepare and make you part of the ICA texting team that will be ready to jump in whenever texting opportunities arise. As usual, they’ll do it together and learn from each other. And once you’re trained, you’ll be ready to join their regular Zoom group texting sessions (like their virtual phone banks and postcard parties). They’ll also share news about other texting campaigns so you can also work on your own schedule!

Their instructors and facilitators are Indivisible Evanston’s Laura Tanner and Jessica Droeger from Indivisible Lincoln Square. They’ll prep you to participate in their group texting sessions on Tuesday afternoons in August, and you can also text on your own! Once you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email and another email with the Zoom meeting registration link the day of the training. Sign up online.

Assemble Postcard Shipping Kits With Indivisible Evanston and Postcards to Swing States 

Since announcing on July 6 that they were expanding to 10 swing states in addition to WI and MI,  Postcards to Swing States  has been inundated by orders for 3 million cards…and counting! Check out recent coverage they got in  The Hill  about their goal to send 13 million handwritten postcards to swing state voters by October. With this new goal and influx of orders, the organizers are in desperate need of volunteers willing to “kit” the packets of postcards to ship all over the country. That’s where we come in!


  • How does it work? Volunteers pick up kits containing postcards, paperwork, boxes and shipping labels.
  • You assemble the kits at home and mail them with USPS.
  • Each kit includes supplies to prep and ship 56 orders of 200 postcards to volunteers.
  • 2 boxes of postcards with 112 bundles of 100 postcards.
  • Postcard writing instructions and packets of 200 addresses for each order.
  • Prepaid shipping labels, holders and envelopes are provided.
  • Note: postcard boxes are heavy, so please be prepared to lift them. We can help at pickup!
  • Each kit requires 1-2 hours volunteer time to prep for shipping.
  • Once all kits are prepped, you just contact USPS for a pickup.
  • Kits are TIME SENSITIVE and must be shipped within 3-5 days of pickup.

Sign up:  Sign up online  and choose one of the available pickup slots. Click on the button to sign up for a 15 minute window to pick up your kit. If you can take more than one kit, please sign up for consecutive slots! Thanks!

Pick Up Location: Home of Laura Tanner: 2319 Park Place, Evanston, 60201. Social distancing protocols in effect. Once you sign up, you will receive an email with pickup instructions. Thank you for helping Postcards to Swing States! Questions? Please contact  Laura Tanner.

Educate Yourself and Your Family With This Anti-Racism Resource

From the creator of this google doc: “This document is intended to serve as a resource to white people and parents to deepen our anti-racism work. If you haven’t engaged in anti-racism work in the past, start now. Feel free to circulate this document on social media and with your friends, family, and colleagues.”

Photo Above By Oleg Troino/Shutterstock.com